Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ashwaste crawler

Aye up folks , thanks for the warm welcome back , i am feeling really inspired at present so i am hoping to keep the blog afloat until i finish my currant project. with that in mind i thought i would post up some images i have of a model i made a few weeks back. Some folks might recognise the inspiration is form an old Tony Ackland illustration from Confrontation back in wd 130 something..

I always liked that ilo, and the launch of the new citadel freight containers kinda inspired me to have a go at it. In the end i decided not to use the freight containers and instead opted to kitbash the thing from a left over landing pad and some bunker wall bits.. the wheels were the biggest stumbling block until i found three really cheap toy trucks..   the axles are not fixed to allow some degree of movement for posing in pictures ;-)

I imagine it traversing the dunes , carrying cargo inside and on top , maybe linking up with other huge desert vehicles to form a linked raised moving city/platform/ island for extra safety a bit like Vikings used to do with there longships if they were fighting at sea or in the fjords..  Bike outriders and  a few dune buggies still to come , but they are on a bit of a back burner until i finish my currant muse.

credit also goes to syd mead / star wars / mass effect  Mad Max  Dune and halo  ..

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Femme Militante Panthera

Aye up folks,  Its been a while since i last updated , seven months in fact, not really been up to much hobby wise , I thought i would work on a few personal projects and revitalise my batteries regarding 40k , In many ways i couldn't have chosen a worse time to take a hobby break , missing out on the wonderful shenanigans involving the encompassing Pylgrim project over at iron sleet.. But that been said I doubt i could have added much to the impressive output of models from all those involved.. not to mention the scenery.  Anyhow , i did manage to knock out a few models over the past few months and the first strands of an idea is taking shape regarding  a new Inq28 project .. more on that later.

So this model was painted for Tim aka Fulgrim of Tears of Isstvan, a year or so ago Tim asked a bunch of modellers and painters to select a femme model from his collection to paint up,  Femme models being as expensive as they are , and my painting skills not really on a par with the other hobbyists invited !  this project filled me with dread !   But the opportunity to paint femme models doesn't come along that frequently so i persisted .

The paintwork is inspired by the original JB femme militant Amozonia gothic, and by my own inq28 snake techpriest the famorian. I should mention the project was also an exercise in painting darker skin tones than i usually paint.


Thursday, 16 June 2016

Satanic Panic : New York Times D&D video

Thought this New York Times retro review  might be of interest to some folk...

Monday, 28 December 2015

The explorator team : John Blanche

Found this in my inbox this morning.. I cant think of a better way to see in the new year.. 

Location: dalthus sector/ Phrell sub sector/ bromholme system/ cephiivytra : delta epsilon gamma - magos Corvus has received an order bi the holy inquisition to a meeting on bromholme to arrange safe passage on 1st secquarnt 23 16 - Corvus has only 1 exploratory team in the area and has issued them with Marques of intent and they are to negotiate with the inquisitor 3 16 - quintus and quercus the explorator twins are on route ...... Carry box and bone gaming accessories plus five strong exploratory team ......

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The ordo malleus =][= conclasts & Grey knight Mindwipe cell

Hello folks ..

 just wanted to share some models i have been working on the past few weeks..

Some of you might recall a few years back i created a bishop model for Vendrakes inq28 retinue using the leg of a space marine captain as a mitre..

I was really pleased with this model but i rushed the paint work and was pretty disappointed..

I have been wanting to recreate that model  or make something similar again and give it  a more fitting paintjob ever since i started the 100,000 skull  bromholme pyramid ..

A few weeks back i started working on finishing off the huge cardinal model..
but  i struggled finding a decent set of non mechanical arms  unfortunately..


i settle on a mismatch set , although i am happy with the silhouette the model leaves me cold and and i cant he;p thinking it looks like santa.. haha.. 

dismayed with the results i started work on a small group of iconclasts for a January skirmish game being organised by PDH.. instead of the forgeworld i decided to try my hand at citadel plastics for a mitre..

I was really happy with the results , i think it may need a little tweaking maybe head direction or a cowl or tassles but even without i was really chuffed with the witch hunting silhouette it gave..

I continued to knock up a few more versions for company..

I see  this guy as a hulking heavy martial Deacon...

And with this model i tried to capture the look of a  medieval heretics conical hat

 I also wanted a monkish laybrother in the group so i added a hooded priest

but the size crept up and he clashed too much with the deacon so made another smaller human scale model..

 I also knocked up some gothic scatter terrain to sit alongside the models ..

 The group had large but also needed a small element so inspired by an old Blanche drawing of floating heads - not skulls - i knocked up a servo head ;-)

 Pretty pleased with the group ..but not happy with huge cardinal and i am thinking about making new plastic one using the mechanicus magos and the new tzeentch floaty dude..

The greyscale knights

 I had been looking at converting this model into a gothic crusader with a shield for vendrakes new retinue and the bromholme board  since the start of the year , but i thought i donate him to the grey knights.. and form a mindcleansing team around him ..i wanted to focus on the gorget/bevor/armet helm making that iconic helmet the focal point of the group , as such i added an inperial knight with a similar helmet , a marshal inquistor wearing powered armour and a human equerry aspirant psyker for scale.. i also added a squid like floating knight helm for seeking out those pychic anomalies .

Not finished with this group of models yet i see them forming a classical painting with a 3d backdrop display board..

Comments and crits welcome.

Cheers Neil